The Art of Manifestation

Do you believe that you can bring something from the world of thoughts and dreams into the world of your physical reality? This is the art of manifestation.

There’s no need to think that the life you are currently living is your reality forever. You don’t need to live an average life and be ordinary. You really are an extraordinary being who can create prosperity and abundance and live a life you truly want.

There is much I have learned about the art of manifestation from my spiritual awakening journey. The popular step by step manifestation process that you’ve probably heard of certainly has a place in the creation process. However, I want to go deeper and show you what impact a true spiritual awakening can have on your ability to create the life that you want.

Understand that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience: as an eternal spiritual being, you chose to come to Earth to have this physical experience. You are created from the source of the Divine or God or the Universe (whatever you want to call it) where you live endlessly and generate experiences that add to your spiritual growth. You came into this world knowing that you can do anything.

The universe always abides by the 12 universal laws: The manifestation process uses the laws of the universe, which are constantly working and responding to you. When you understand these laws it’s easy to manifest any desire you may have, no matter how big or small. The law of attraction is one of the laws that manifestation depends on, so activating it is a must.

Imagination is so powerful: you can use your imagination to explore the things that you want. Try out the life and things you want by imagining what it would feel like to have them. Feeling the emotions within your physical body will indicate if you get any joy from them. This is your safe place, so disregard any judgements or conditions, remember that all things are possible.

There is no shortage of resources: there is no shortage of money or time or things. There is no lack of anything in the universe. The universe is infinitely abundant. So don’t feel bad for asking for anything because the universe has enough for everyone.

You get from life what you put into it: so your vibration becomes your set point. Stop complaining, worrying, watching the news or anything that you’re doing that brings you negative emotions. Remain positive and keep your vibration high.

Let action be inspired from your positive attitude: when you think about your life with all your desires you vibrate at a higher level than you’re currently at. So if you imagine that life that you want now, as real, then you will start vibrating at that level, and everything you desire will be drawn to you. Take a leap of faith and know that you will receive the answers each step of the way when you need them. From that energy you will receive inspiration to take action.

Everything comes in divine timing: if you’re asking for something and it’s not coming as fast as you want it to, it doesn’t mean you’re bad at manifesting. It just means that you’re not ready for it yet. The universe has a better plan for you, a better time for you to have this. Sometimes there are lessons you need to learn first. Sometimes you realise that it’s not even what you want anymore. Trust that the universe has your back and you can move on knowing that everything always works out for you.

Have fun: put your focus on feeling good and having fun! Get into alignment with your inner well being or your soul or your higher self (whatever you want to call it). When you feel good it’s because you are connecting with who you truly are. You are connected with the energy that is YOU, the real you. The you that recognises your connection to source of the Divine or God or the Universe (whatever you want to call it). When this happens your universe opens up and manifesting becomes something that you don’t even think about, because everything you want just finds its way to you.

As you can see there’s more to the art of manifestation then the creation steps, its a way of life. Use spirituality as your teacher and know that you are in control of your life – every step of the way.

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