About the blogger

Hi! I’m Missy Madison, a 30 something, care free and happy soul from Melbourne, Australia. Over the last few years I’ve been on a spiritual journey, learning a lot about myself, and the universe. The journey isn’t over, and it turns out I learn more about myself and expand spiritually every day… so I’ve decided to share all of that with you!

I live in an inner city apartment where I spend most of my free time appreciating life and being grateful. I have a major crush on the Earth and the Moon, and all things nature including (but not limited to!): crystals, candles, animals, sunshine, water, sunsets and soft grass.

There are few things I love more than gazing up at the stars and the moon, writing in my gratitude journal, collecting trinkets that I hang all around my apartment, meditating (even for just 5 minutes on the tram) and my absolute favourite thing to do is lie on the grass and ground myself to Mother Earth.

I have explored teachings of The Law of Attraction for some time, and only now have I realised that there is so much more to the Law of Attraction than I thought. In this blog, together we will explore all aspects of a spiritual awakening, and gain enlightenment while manifesting everything that we’ve ever desired. The best thing is…its so easy.

“I am a spiritual being living in a physical body”.

My love of IT and inspirational resources have merged to create a range of digital motivational products. In my shop you’ll find posters to hang in homes and workplaces as well as helpful worksheets and guides. I’ve designed my products to spark the emotional feelings within you to reach a higher vibrational alignment with your inner being. Check out my products in the SHOP.

Love, Missy