7 Law of Attraction Tips & Tricks

7 Law of Attraction Tips & Tricks-Post

Sometimes it helps to hear some tips and tricks from people who have been using the law of attraction and have been manifesting for a while. We need to share the knowledge and the love with others. So, here’s a few things that’s helped me along my journey. 

1. Start and end the day with gratitude

Start the day positively and you will notice how well your day goes. Wake up and thank the universe for the new day. Express your appreciation by taking the time to write in your gratitude journal.

End the day with gratitude by remembering something that you were grateful for during the day. Keep a gratitude crystal on your night stand and just before you fall asleep hold it close to your heart and talk to the universe.

2. Don’t let others control how you feel

Know that you have control over your emotions. Detach yourself from other people’s drama.  If you find yourself being led to feel one way or another that doesn’t resonate with you, stop and recognise these are not your emotions. Find a better feeling thought or do something else that feels good.

It’s important to remember that everyone is on their own personal journey with their own belief systems. Just focus on your own journey and be happy that you are evolving on your own path.

3. Notice signs and synchronicities

Synchronicities are clear signs that you’re connected to the Universe/Divine/God and are vibrating at a high frequency. These signs are letting you know that you are on the right track to achieving your desires. It also shows that you’re awakening to understanding how the universe works.

The less distracted you are with thoughts, worries and doubts, the more likely you will notice the signs along the way.

4. Journal your manifestations

Journaling is a powerful way to manifest your desires, as you focus your energy on how it feels to have your desire. So, write down what you want, but more importantly, write as if it’s already happened. Notice the sensations and physical responses of how you feel with your desire. This is what ignites your emotional response which increases your vibrational frequency, which in turn amplifies your manifestation.

Further, once you have achieved your desire, write down how you did it. Explore the process you took, the signs you received, any voices you heard, affirmations used, your vibrational frequency, your mind set. Your journaling will hold the key to how you can improve your part in the manifestation process.

5. Have fun with your visualisations

This is your chance to let your imagination run wild, to picture and feel success in your mind, and feel what it’s like to live with all your desires. If you want to find a quiet place to lay down and visualise with some peaceful background music, that is wonderful, but there are many ways you can shake up your visualisations.

  • Create a vision board of all your desires
  • Create a movie of your life starring you
  • Take your dream car out for a test drive
  • Visit open houses and imagine yourself living there
  • Write a letter to your future self about how amazing your life is now
  • Write a thank you letter to the universe for bringing you your desires
  • Drive around the suburb where you want to live and stop and sit in the nearby parks
  • Make space in your life for your new partner by organising space for them in your home
  • Have conversations with friends and family in the present tense of achieving your desires

6. Be kind to yourself

Being kind to yourself is one of the best things you can do for your health. It increases your self esteem and builds your confidence. Notice how you talk about yourself and pick up on any negative talk and stop it in its tracks, and then say something nice about yourself.

Make it your priority to feel good and be kind to yourself. Be proud of yourself, forgive yourself, respect yourself, treat yourself and soothe yourself – because you deserve it.

7. Educate yourself on spirituality

The best way to connect to your spiritual self is to educate yourself on matters of spirituality. Spend time reading journals, magazines, books, or blogs, watch documentaries, or listen to podcasts that are related to ideas you feel interested in and passionate to learn more about.

Knowledge is power and it builds self confidence as you learn more about the world and yourself, as you evolve and grow.


The law of attraction provides so many opportunities for us to create the life that we want. It’s a law that is always working, all we need to do is change our thoughts and increase our vibration and the universe opens up to us.