A Quick Guide to Meditation

Meditation is a personal experience that takes you on a journey through your spirituality. It’s a mindfulness approach of taking care of yourself and improving yourself while exploring the depths of your inner self.

I have been meditating for over a year and it has made me a better human. It has been my saving grace as my go to tool for when I am feeling anxious, stressed, tired or sad. On the other hand, meditation has also provided an inner exploration of my relationship with the universe, my higher self, angels and loved ones that have passed on. Overall, meditation has created meaningful shifts in my vibration.

Benefits of meditation

  • Helps you get into alignment with your inner wellbeing
  • Relaxes you calming both your mind and body
  • Gives you control over your emotions
  • Helps your conscious mind and subconscious mind line up in harmony with each other to create synchronicity
  • Allows the mind to quiet which allows your natural frequency to vibrate
  • Helps reveal your true feelings about your life and yourself

Types of meditation you can use

Meditation and visualization: helps you manifest your desires.

Meditation for mindfulness: helps you focus on the present moment, observing without judging.

Meditation to get messages: from your higher self, angels, loved ones, or from the Divine/God/Universe.

Movement meditation: exercising or performing a moving task that allows you to clear your mind.

How often to meditate

In the beginning of your meditation journey meditate daily if you can. It will set a good routine to practice as you master your focus. Start as small as 5 minutes and build up to a solid 15 – 30 minutes. Once you get more skilled at meditating you can try different types of meditation and vary your session times.

Once you start feeling the amazing effects meditation has on your life, you might notice that you don’t need to meditate as often – which is fine. There may be times in your life where you find yourself leaning on meditation more often. This is also fine. Just go with the flow of what your mind, body and soul needs to centre.

Meditation tips

  • Start with short breathing meditations for 3 or 5 minutes.
  • Try guided meditations on YouTube or phone apps. My favorite app is Mindfulness.
  • You can meditate anywhere, be it sitting down or standing up, on the train or walking, morning, noon and night.
  • For longer meditations find a comfortable place and use your favorite pillow, blanket or crystal to make you feel cosy.
  • Always set a timer so you have an end point and can fully focus on your meditation.
  • Reduce distractions and switch your phone to Do Not Disturb, and/or let people around you know that you’re not to be disturbed during your meditation time.
  • Don’t worry if you’re doing it right or wrong, as long as you are calm, centered and going with the flow, you are meditating.
  • Meditation is a skill that you will get better at the more you practice.

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